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Biopharma Collaborations and Services

We are leaders in collaborating with the biopharma industry, helping companies leverage exosome-based science to enhance the R&D process, from biomarker discovery through validation, and the development of sophisticated companion diagnostics (CDx) to maximize the potential of targeted therapies.

The pharma industry continues to rapidly advance the development of therapies that target underlying molecular mechanisms and pathways associated with cancer and other diseases. Biomarker strategies are incorporated into virtually every R&D process, starting with the earliest stages of clinical development. Sourcing tissue to identify biomarkers can lead to delays in clinical trial recruitment and complicate clinical study design and implementation. By enabling biopharma companies with biofluid-based solutions for clinical trials, we can overcome these tissue-related obstacles.

Exosome Diagnostics’ Platform

Utilizing our best-in-class technology to isolate exosomes and extract RNA, DNA, and/or proteins of interest from biofluids, we can assess biomarker status without using historical tissue or requiring a biopsy. This offers biopharmaceutical companies several key advantages including:

  • Access to virtually unlimited supply of molecular information via biofluids
  • Enhanced freedom with clinical trial design
  • Accelerated clinical trial enrollment
  • Shortened study duration
  • Reduced overall clinical study costs
  • Potentially increased time on patent life

Comprehensive Pharma Services

  • For mutation detection assays, we offer the only single capture exosomal RNA and cell-free DNA (cfDNA) combined extraction from the same sample, generating the greatest total mutation yield from a biofluid for maximum sensitivity of detection.
  • Downstream analysis options include PCR, array, and sequencing, available on cleared platforms with large instrument bases.
  • We also offer RNA profiling, RNA sequencing (including full RNA seq), and RNA-based biomarker discovery from any biofluid.
  • Our expertise supporting the development of companion diagnostics can help in clinical trial recruitment and support therapy selection for patients.

Benefits of Working with Exosome Diagnostics

  • We have the only platform that allows exploration and validation of RNA and DNA from biofluids.
  • Our technology can help pharma and research organizations use biofluids to discover, detect, and validate biomarkers – which facilitates safer and more effective drug dosing and selection, and reduces the risk of adverse effects.
  • Our technology can support faster clinical validation by using any biofluids (urine, blood, and cerebrospinal fluids) instead of requiring tissue.
  • We have leading experts in personalized medicine and exosome science on our team and a dedicated, certified CLIA laboratory.

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A Proven Track Record

Exosome Diagnostics has a proven track record of successful collaborations with several biopharma companies including Amgen and Takeda.

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