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Exosome Diagnostics Announces New World Headquarters and Laboratory in Waltham, MA

Provides Capacity to Support Commercial Expansion for ExoDx® Prostate(IntelliScore)

Waltham, MA, August 1, 2017 - Exosome Diagnostics, a leader in the liquid biopsy market, announced today that it has moved into a new worldwide headquarters and clinical laboratory in Waltham, MA. The state of the art facility significantly expands capacity at a critical time for its commercial business expansion, including:

  • High throughput processing of diagnostic tests to meet U.S. demand including the company’s ExoDx® Prostate(IntelliScore) (EPI) test launched in Q4 2016. The laboratory has been designed to conform to CLIA, New York State and FDA requirements.
  • Supporting rapid growth in the company’s global companion diagnostics business and capitalizing on pharma partner demand for long RNA Seq analysis, combined exoRNA and cfDNA analysis and the company’s EDDE (ExoDx Depletion and Enrichment) platform. The expansion also allows the company to extend these partnerships into new disease areas beyond oncology, including neurology and cardiology.
  • Expanding capabilities for the Shahky™ point of care exosomal protein analysis system and accelerating pharmaceutical and academic research partnerships to develop novel biomarker applications across multiple disease areas.

The new headquarters and laboratory is located at 266 Second Avenue in Waltham, MA. The 28,000 square foot facility was custom built for Exosome Diagnostics’ patented liquid biopsy sample processing and analysis technologies. State-of-the-art research laboratories will support further advances to the company’s patented technology platforms and the significant expansion of biomarker discovery and development programs utilizing blood, cerebrospinal fluid, urine and sputum samples. The high throughput clinical testing laboratory is CLIA validated and was designed to increase capacity from approximately 100 tests per day to more than 1,500 tests per day for the U.S. market over the next twelve months. The company’s ISO certified laboratory in Martinsreid Germany will process diagnostic tests for customers in non-U.S. markets.
John Boyce, CEO, stated, “This move gives Exosome Diagnostics the laboratory resources and capabilities to expand the company’s operations and drive new innovations as we continue to advance our leadership position in the liquid biopsy field. With the recently announced Series C financing, this move gives us the capacity to generate revenues from each of the three pillars of the company; companion diagnostics, clinical diagnostic tests and the instrumentation business.” Boyce continued, “It is also important to note that the company has the option for further expansion based on increasing demand for our clinical tests and companion diagnostic partnerships.”

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About Exosome Diagnostics
Exosome Diagnostics is a privately held company focused on developing and commercializing revolutionary biofluid-based diagnostics to deliver personalized precision healthcare that improves lives. The company’s novel exosome-based technology platform, ExoLution™, and point of care instrument for protein capture and analysis, ShahkyTM, can yield comprehensive and dynamic molecular insights to transform how cancer and other serious diseases are diagnosed, treated and monitored. Visit to learn more.

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