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Exosome Diagnostics Appoints Elizabeth Cormier-May as Head of Commercial Diagnostics

CAMBRIDGE, MA- September 13, 2016Exosome Diagnostics, Inc., a leader in both the Companion Diagnostics and Molecular Diagnostics liquid biopsy space, today announced the appointment of Elizabeth Cormier-May as Head of Commercial Diagnostics. Elizabeth joined Exosome Diagnostics in May to build the infrastructure and define the strategy for the launch of the company’s flagship diagnostic, ExoDx®Prostate(IntelliScore) or EPI, into the urology market. EPI complements an existing ExoDx Lung(ALK) test, and both are the beginning to an extensive diagnostic offering of products within the company’s diagnostic oncology division.

“I am thrilled to be joining such a dynamic and talented team at Exosome Diagnostics,” stated Elizabeth, Head of Commercial Diagnostics. “Our scientists have worked tirelessly to develop an impressive suite of liquid based diagnostic tests, all of which offer multiple advantages to both patients and healthcare providers. We are focusing now on the launch of the ExoDx Prostate(IntelliScore), a revolutionary, non-DRE based, simple urine collection test to help rule out high-grade prostate cancer in men with elevated PSA’s. Both patients and urology leaders have expressed great excitement over the ExoDx®Prostate(IntelliScore), and its ability to aid in the prostate biopsy decision making process. This test does not require a digital rectal exam or invasive collection measures, making it unique in this space, Cormier-May continued. I am honored to help introduce necessary tools, such as EPI, into the diagnostic marketplace for patients who desperately want an alternative to tissue biopsy.”

Elizabeth brings with her thirteen years of experience in medicinal chemistry, genetics, and both companion and molecular diagnostics. She began her career as a medicinal chemist working for Novartis Pharmaceuticals in their oncology department. Here, she focused on early discovery efforts, specializing in breast, colon and melanoma projects. Prior to joining Exosome Diagnostics, Elizabeth worked with other companies such as Myriad Genetics, Qiagen and Predictive Biosciences focusing in the diagnostic arena. She built her career launching and selling diagnostic tests into the women’s health, oncology and urology marketplaces. Elizabeth also spent time in the companion diagnostic space, working with pharmaceutical partners to develop CDx tests and strategies. Elizabeth has a bachelor’s degree in Organic Chemistry from Wheaton College in Norton, MA and attended graduate school for Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Northeastern University.“I am extremely excited to have Elizabeth join the team at Exosome and lead the commercial diagnostic business division of the company,” stated John Boyce, President and CEO of Exosome Diagnostics. “With her energy and passion combined with her strategic insight and market knowledge, Elizabeth is the perfect person to launch our commercial diagnostic franchise,” Boyce continued.

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