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Now Available to Healthcare Providers for Clinical Use: The Industry’s First Exosome-Based Liquid Biopsy Tests

ExoDx®Prostate(IntelliScore) is the first clinically validated non-invasive, non-DRE, urine-based liquid biopsy test for prostate cancer.

Research Use Only

ExoDx® Lung(ALK) is a plasma-based liquid biopsy assay that detects the EML4-ALK mutation and is highly specific for distinct EML4-ALK fusion transcripts.

ExoDx Prostate(IntelliScore) and ExoDx Lung(ALK) are Laboratory Developed Tests (LDT) performed in our laboratory.


Please call Exosome Diagnostics client services at 1-844-EXOSOME (844 396 7663) or email


Order tests by contacting Exosome Diagnostics' customer service at 1-844-EXOSOME or filling out the form below.

Please note: these test kits must be ordered by a physician as they are Laboratory Developed Tests (LDT's) per CLIA '88. When the kits are shipped, they will only be shipped to physicians offices. At this time we are unable to process orders made by physicians based in New York. 

If you are a new customer and would like to request to order a test, please fill out this form to expedite the process. Upon receiving your request, Exosome Diagnostics will ship the test with all materials and detailed instructions for the collection of a specimen. A pre-paid return label and shipping pack will also be included for overnight delivery to our CLIA certified laboratory. Exosome Diagnostics will run the test and provide results within five business days of receiving the specimen.

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